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 Moot Court Competition

 Moot Court Competition

 The High School Moot Court Competition is a mock appellate advocacy program for Oakland Unified Public School District high school students.  The competition was initiated by the Honorable Benjamin Travis of Alameda County Superior Court.

 In early 1985, Judge Travis encouraged the sponsoring organizations to form an alliance dedicated to making the competition a part of the Annual Law Day activities.  Since then, the sponsoring organizations have enthusiastically embraced the annual event.

 The goals and objectives of the competition are:

          to form alliances and cooperative relationships among  the legal/education communities and the communities at large

          to expose students, educators and the community to positive role models in the legal profession

          to encourage healthy competition among students and enhance students self-confidence and self-esteem

 For the past twenty years lawyers, teachers, administrators, education specialist, scholarship grantors, parents and friends have worked together toward the achievement of these goals and objectives.

 Panels judging the Competitions have included such notable individuals as the Honorable Thelton Henderson, United States District Court, Northern District of California; the late Honorable Allen E. Broussard, California Supreme Court; and the Honorable Clinton W. White (retired), California Court of Appeal.

 In 1989, the National Bar Association bestowed a great honor on winners of the competition by inviting them to recreate their arguments at the National Bar Association Convention in Oakland, California.